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Apple - Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) supports Chinese handwriting. Do I still need Finger?

Apple has introduced Chinese handwriting support to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). You can find more details about this feature in the official support site.

Snow Leopard Chinese Input

So, do I still need Finger?

  • Snow Leopard supports Chinese handwriting in “Multi-Touch trackpad in your Mac notebook”. If you don’t have a Mac notebook or if your notebook does not support multi-touch, Finger would be the best option for Chinese handwriting input.
  • Finger provides a different user experience! You can hold the iPhone or iPod Touch in your palm or put it anywhere while you write. This definitely provides you a more flexible input experience.

In Finger v.1.1, we added the following unique features:

  • User Dictionary – user’s own associated word dictionary
  • Chinese Character Conversion – real-time Chinese character conversion as you type (from Traditional to Simplified and vice versa)
  • Enable/Disable Auto-lock – you can keep your iPhone on without entering sleep mode
  • Landscape mode support

We will continue improving Finger is a dynamic and user-driven manner in order to offer you the best Chinese handwriting input experience for your computer using iPhone.

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