Finger Desktop

Headnix Connect:

Install Headnix Connect in your Mac. It receives characters you write from your iPhone. To get started, please download from link below:

Mac Headnix Connect Download

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Windows Finger Desktop Download

Windows support is only available to existing user - click to know why

  • Switch on Wi-Fi on both your Mac and iPhone. Make sure both connect to the same network.
  • Launch Finger on iPhone. Go to "Settings", click "Add Connection".

  • Enter Passcode to complete setup.

After installation is completed, Headnix Connect will be active and appear in the status bar.

Headnix Connect runs automatically when you login in the system. You can click Headnix Connect icon and choose "Preferences" to change this setting.

Now start writing a few words with your iPhone in your favorite word processor.